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Business is hard... really hard. Those who go alone don't go far. Get further faster by doing business in the Gospel Driven community.

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  • Learning from a community of leaders who are dealing with similar problems you are.
  • Continual business and leadership lessons from a biblical perspective.
  • Constant encouragement and accountability.
  • Insight and experience to lean on in your current business and leadership struggles.
  • New friendships and opportunities to network and collaborate.


For only $27/ month, you get access to the resources that will help you steward your business specifically for kingdom impact. It's the double/triple bottom line.

You can make money, but if you're not making significant impact, is it even worth it?


What’s included:



Monthly group coaching call with a Gospel Driven special guest, addressing business and faith topics.


Exclusive podcast minisode to answer questions on business, stewardship, challenges, and solutions.


Private Facebook group with questions for input, collaboration, accountability and encouragement.

"The difference between a good business and a great business is that a business isn't great until it starts to change lives."

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June 6th at 6pm EST


Peter Awad

When Peter Awad is not traveling the country with his wife Melissa and 4 kids, he is challenging what it means to raise a family in the connected economy. Founder and Host of the Slow Hustle Podcast, he interviews founders to dissect how they are managing the responsibility of scaling a business while also incorporating slowness into their business and personal lives. He is also the Co-Founder of a mission based snack food company, Mission Meats and the Founder of an eCommerce automotive parts business, Import Auto Performance.



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