Grow your business, lead by faith, together.

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Cost: $297 for 3 months 


Gospel Driven Mastermind is a 3 month journey for business leaders who want to grow their business and leverage their influence for the Gospel.

After the 3 month Mastermind you will:

  • Clarify vision and goals for your business, and have action steps to achieve them.
  • Obtain resources on incorporating faith into your business and how they work together to steward your business and influence well.
  • Belong to a network of like-minded professionals with which you can continue to grow, support, and learn from each other as your business grows.

As a business owner I just wanted to be a part of a Christian community of other business owners. I'd been searching for Christ-centered perspective on my challenges and after hearing the group’s reflections and sitting with it for a while I got clarity that was very helpful and allowed me to move forward with a clear plan. They helped me have discerning eyes and ears in my business to get clear, feel heard, and make real decisions that affect my future. The bonus is that I get new friends and connections that I know will carry on beyond this.


Kate Boyd

Get the results you want for your business without muting your faith.


Practical Learning

Discover practical lessons about growing a business while simultaneously learning how to steward your business to influence well.

Focused Conversation

Access business leaders with years of experience, insight, and skill sets. Gain input and accountability from other members, the group leader, and experts.


Walk through your biggest pain points and struggles in business in a community ready to help you solve problems and offer encouragement and prayer.

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A Community of Prayer


You will be surrounded by people that will pray with you and for you.


Discovery Call


The Discovery Call is a one-on-one call with your group leader to learn about your business explore your current pains and struggles as a business owner.


Group Size


Groups are generally around 5 people. We keep them small so that everyone has sufficient time to really dig deep and solve their business problems while being able to share wisdom with others in the group as well.


Monthly Expert Calls


Once a month the group gathers for a presentation from a business expert.


Monthly Mastermind Meetings


This is where the growth happens. These meetings are lead by Gospel Driven founder P.J. Simmons, and has one or two presenters from the group who share their current questions and pains regarding their business.


Private Facebook Group


You get access to a private Facebook group for all Mastermind Members to continue collaboration, encouragement, and accountability.


Do you want to build a business that creates relationships and opportunities to spread the Gospel? 

If you answered yes, then you are in the right place. Often we find great resources for running a business or sharing the Gospel in business, but rarely do we find them together.



That’s why we created the Gospel Driven Mastermind.

The Gospel Driven Mastermind knows that in order to be a good steward of our business, we need to talk about practical things like getting more clients, marketing, employees, sales, revenue and more.

We also know that as your business grows, so does your influence. Leveraging influence in a growing business is a powerful way to share the Gospel through the relationships you build.

For us, running a business and faith go hand-in-hand.

What you should know about the Mastermind.

Lead like no one else.

Whether you are managing monthly cash flow, seeking new marketing opportunities and strategies, hunting for new clients, or just trying not to get lost in the weeds, Gospel Driven connects you with experts, resources, and other professionals to conquer business pains, share and give wisdom, and steward your influence.

Stay driven, be Gospel Driven.

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